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I spent part of Saturday staring at my most recent blood test results and switching over to read The Wahl’s Protocol.

My TSH is low, which means I’m probably being over-medicated for my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but my T4 is good, so maybe not. Either way, I’ve started cutting back my synthroid dosage and I’m pondering trying a therapeutic ketogenic diet in the short term. Because I’m still fighting to lose weight, and I have migraines, and it would actually be nice to skip lunch.

Breakfast was a smoothie, and consequently my hands are mottled with blueberry juice as I type this. Despite the ingredients (blueberries, coconut milk, spinach), it did not taste like much of anything. I may need to add some seasoning.  Ginger. Cinnamon. Battery acid. You know. Something to give it a little zip.

The semi-annual disruption that is daylight saving has begun to wear thin, and Daughterbot has started waking up at 7AM again, which is good because tomorrow I’ll actually get to see her before I go to work. I cannot bring myself to wake that baby when she is fast asleep; it just seem selfish.

Zoe, enjoying one of mom's purple smoothies.

Zoe, enjoying one of mom’s purple smoothies.

That said, mornings are awesomer with her in them. She shares my smoothies, remarkable and otherwise.

My week was plagued with headaches. Which, again, may be due to the over-medication for the thyroid, or may not. I think there has been a significant amount of stress in my life lately, what with Mike being laid off and some work-related interpersonal issues (which are now on their way to resolution!), and I think it’s catching up to me. Stress, plus overactive thyroid, plus being a working mom. This is how baby migraines are made, children.

So we made it a lazy weekend, for the most part. Went to my sister’s to celebrate mom’s 71st birthday, ate out once, but otherwise I slept, cooked, and played with my family. I prepped three meals for the week, and I made corned beef Sunday night in the sous vide, and as usual, it came out moist, tender, and delicious.

And now I am trying to get rid of my brain problems with what I hope is science. Either that, or I rely on the science that tastes like minty ass for the rest of my life. I guess what it comes down to is this: I’d rather drink coconut milk smoothies.

This is just to say….

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That the wonderful Kim let me know what WordPress plugin she’s using, and now I have an easy way to publish to multiple social networks.

And also, that I kind of nuked all the comments on the last post by accident.  Sorry.  -_-

And also also, I had some scotch tonight, which was a nice capper for the steak, potato, salad, and wine.

For a day that started out with me feeling like the world was sliding sideways and how was I going to get to work (hint: I didn’t), it sure ended a-okay.

More Notes from Life

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I have terrible water luck. We knew plumbing in House House would be dodgy when we bought it, and on Sunday it proved out when a flushed wet wipe backed up the whole system and had water running over in our bathroom. This was also the morning I’d finally grabbed our bathmats to throw in the wash. So there was nothing on our floor to stop the output of water. So…that was fun.

My ebike is glorious, though it is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. Fortunately, it folds up, and we can take it back to where we bought it to have them service it. Though I could have gotten it cheaper online, this is why I settled on a local shop. a) Support local business and b) fix it when it breaks. That makes me happy. Getting to work faster and on my own terms makes me happy. Fresh air and sunshine — guess what — make me happy. If I have to do this commute, I may as well be happy.

Daughterbot loves to wrassle. Mom and Dad like to wrassle with her. When she is in the wrassling mood, she lies down on her belly on the carpet and wiggles around. This is the universal signal for “Wrassle me!” Then you have a choice — ignore her, or grab her and roll around. Ignoring her would be unwise, of course. Wrassling an 11-month-old is much like rubbing a cat’s belly: if she extends the invitation, you must accept.

Personally, I like to pretend I’m a tarrasque and flop around like a big ol’ Chinese New Year Dragon, which is fun, and she loves it, but a bit hard on the knees.

I have nearly planted all the things, and dug up a couple more bushes.  I kind of want raspberry canes now that I have realized I don’t have a raspberry cane. And I murdered a bunch of sprouts by neglecting them. So sorry, sprouts.

Notes from Life

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Is there anything better than a shower after an honest workout? Okay, yes, probably there is, but I admit that I love that feeling of hosing myself down and (temporarily) cooling off. It’s amazing.

We are trying to figure out how to make the train work. It may involve an ebike. We’re going to try one this weekend and see if I like it; it’s a sizable investment, but we’re trying to regain time here, and there is no replacement for that. Right now my commute includes about 40 minutes (roundtrip) on a shuttle and 20 minutes of waiting at a station because there’s only one 5:11 PM shuttle for the 5:41 PM train. So an ebike may be the solution, because all I really need is a way to close that last 2.5 mile distance between work and the station. Wheee.

Zo is walking. Sometimes running. To be clear, the walking isn’t really all that steady yet, so when she decides to run it’s a little hair-raising in the oh god baby no don’t plow into that wall vein. She’s beautiful and fun and not exactly a “cuddly” baby, but when she’s tired she flops against you and gives a sigh that melts your heart. She also eats everything I put in her mouth. Some things she adores (strawberries) and some things she tolerates for a few bites, but lets me know via complex facial expressions that this will not continue.

Salmon was not popular. We won’t be feeding her that again. I had hoped she wouldn’t inherit the genetic distaste for salmon, but it’s a double whammy seeing as both her father and I have never liked it.

Back to that workout: 20 minutes of alternating runs/walks, 5 sets of 20 kettlebell swings (@ 20lb), 15 squats, 10 pushups (girly style).  My knees aren’t thrilled, but when are they ever?

Oh, and soup is back to being a thing for me.  I made this soup when I was pregnant with Zo, and it was pretty damn good.  I may need to make it again.