And During the 35th Week….

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I got tired.

Really tired.

This is similar to the exhaustion I felt in Trimester the First, only now it’s accompanied by tingly fingers and some lightheadedness.  It’s making that couch look very attractive.  Ryan Gosling attractive.  And I’m now starting to guess what I’ll be doing during my maternity leave prior to the birth: sitting on a couch, sleeping on a couch, and/or wishing a couch was nearby.

Mostly, though, I just want to sleep and eat and sleep some more.  And when I say “eat” I don’t want to give the impression I have a raging appetite…because I don’t.  Aside from early morning, I’m back to making myself go get lunch and prepare dinner.  I suspect I’m more tired than I am hungry, and my body would rather sleep than spend time prepping food.

(Though when I do eat, I’m craving protein. Protein and potatoes. Also, that glass of milk in the morning. Sweets not so much. I just want steak.)

So I have one week left of work. And though I’d earlier thought I could stick it out another week…I’m glad I don’t have to.  Truth is, I probably could. I’d be exhausted, but I could do it.  But it wouldn’t prove anything, and at this point I’m ready to put in some rest time after eight months of playing host.

The other news: girlfriend is head down.  That’s her butt up against my ribcage.  Those are her fists drilling into my kidneys.  She’s still active, but not acrobatically so.  She shifts around and juts her butt out and wiggles.

There was also some vague worry over my blood pressure at yesterday’s check-up…which I’m not worried about. We’re going to retake it next clinic visit (Monday), and my urine is being tested for protein (glamorous!), but I’m  asymptomatic in every other way. High blood pressure is something to worry about in pregnancy, I know, but it seems more like a fluke to me.  If it’s not, we’ll deal with it.  Simple as that.

And now I’m going to take my lunch half-hour and nap.  ‘Scuse me.