Dreaming of Next Year’s Garden

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I may have garden envy.  I mean, look at this.  Or this.  Or just look at this. 

And then there’s me.


Not seen: three more tomato plants, serrano chili, and a bunch of herbs in the front, plus about five fruit tree saplings.

With my one row in the back and some of the vegetables creeping into the front, but otherwise still trying to get green beans to grow. Fighting moles. Wondering if the zucchini is going to take over the whole dang thing.

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing.

But hey, let’s forget that for now. Look at all that space behind the garden row. You know what you could put there?  Right, more plants.

But not until next year. California weather’s perfect and all, but I can’t just plop plants in. I’ll need to snake the irrigation up there, which isn’t rocket surgery, but it’s money and time. And it’s not totally obvious in that photo, but the soil is super sandy.  Probably great for carrots and beets with some amending once things cool down again, but it’ll definitely need some nutrients.

Which actually won’t be that hard, because being a resident of Oceanside comes with one interesting perk: free compost and mulch. I just need, y’know, a truck. And a wheelbarrow. And some friends who won’t mind shoveling it all onto a hillside. Possibly a husband to help. Maybe teach a baby about proper soil nutrients.

So I’m now dreaming of wire trellises and teepee trellises and actually growing more than six green beans to garnish my salad.

At least we’ll always have the zucchini.

Oh, and this.  This isn’t too shabby.

Happy baby.

Instant sunshine. Just add Zoe.