In Which I Turn Into a Pumpkin

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Yesterday was Mike’s holiday party, which was lots of fun and there was food (which I like) and also a DJ and really neat San Diego architecture.

I had spent about three hours previous wandering Solana Beach and getting my toenails done because that’s what you do when you’ve got three hours and don’t want to buy $50 light bulbs (Solana Beach, ladies and gentlemen).  And so we got to the party and I put ham in my face and then something not-so-magical happened.

I literally could not keep my eyes open.

Around 8 PM, in fact.  It was like someone found the plug on my go-juice and pulled it.  I sat down in chairs.  I leaned against Mike.  I tried eating cookies to give myself some pep, but this only succeeded in putting cookies in me.  I ended up stretched out in a cabana-like thing, ignoring my lack of dignity and trying not to be That Person Who Makes Her Significant Other Leave Early but oh man I just barely made it to 9 PM when we finally left.

On the bright side: I slept great.

And now here I am, full of vigor and eyeing my next party, which is tonight, which starts at 8 PM and ha ha ha ha ha how the hell am I going to make it?

We’ll need naps.  Lots of naps.