Notes from Life is Turning a Year Older

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Started my morning early, because I can’t seem to sleep past 7:30 anymore, not even on my birthday. Made blueberry crumble bars, then woke up the rest of the house and we all trundled off to Fabulous Hillcrest for the farmers market.

Market-wise, it’s not all that different from Vista, there’s just more of it; I don’t feel like I’m missing much. The food stalls are where the variety is at.

So we wandered, and ate things, and watched our daughter flirt with strangers, which is merely adorable and instantly endearing at this age. I bought a floppy hat, because I need one for gardening, and it looked good on me. I cried a little when I saw they had fresh sardines for sale. So tempting…but no way they would have survived the trip. Okay, so that might be worth driving down to Hillcrest for. Or asking the fishmonger at Vista if they ever have some. Something to think about.

We rode the trolley to and from the market, then went down to Azúcar and had sweets, though I was pretty full from octopus balls, saag paneer, and a perfectly briny-sweet oyster. I wish now I’d bought a mojito cookie.

Back home, I puttered in the garden, putting down sesame oil to ward off bugs now that we have produce growing, and read “Are You a Cow?” to Zo at least five times in a row. I do silly voices. She loves it.

Later Mike, Zo, and I went for a walk to our little grocery store and bought fixings for nachos. Zo surprised us on the return trip from the market by refusing to walk with us. Like, pitched a fit and screamed bloody murder refusal. We joke about it, and I am trying to keep my mind open on the subject, but I suspect based on her parentage that she may indeed be a willful child.

I gave Zo her bath and later we cuddled in her bedroom. I sang her a few songs, and that was the perfect end of my perfect day with my husband and daughter.  I feel like I walked around all day with their arms hugging me.  Pretty great, no complaints, would do it again in a heartbeat.