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Is there anything better than a shower after an honest workout? Okay, yes, probably there is, but I admit that I love that feeling of hosing myself down and (temporarily) cooling off. It’s amazing.

We are trying to figure out how to make the train work. It may involve an ebike. We’re going to try one this weekend and see if I like it; it’s a sizable investment, but we’re trying to regain time here, and there is no replacement for that. Right now my commute includes about 40 minutes (roundtrip) on a shuttle and 20 minutes of waiting at a station because there’s only one 5:11 PM shuttle for the 5:41 PM train. So an ebike may be the solution, because all I really need is a way to close that last 2.5 mile distance between work and the station. Wheee.

Zo is walking. Sometimes running. To be clear, the walking isn’t really all that steady yet, so when she decides to run it’s a little hair-raising in the oh god baby no don’t plow into that wall vein. She’s beautiful and fun and not exactly a “cuddly” baby, but when she’s tired she flops against you and gives a sigh that melts your heart. She also eats everything I put in her mouth. Some things she adores (strawberries) and some things she tolerates for a few bites, but lets me know via complex facial expressions that this will not continue.

Salmon was not popular. We won’t be feeding her that again. I had hoped she wouldn’t inherit the genetic distaste for salmon, but it’s a double whammy seeing as both her father and I have never liked it.

Back to that workout: 20 minutes of alternating runs/walks, 5 sets of 20 kettlebell swings (@ 20lb), 15 squats, 10 pushups (girly style).  My knees aren’t thrilled, but when are they ever?

Oh, and soup is back to being a thing for me.  I made this soup when I was pregnant with Zo, and it was pretty damn good.  I may need to make it again.