Our Lack of Tree…and Everything, Really

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We have never put up a Christmas tree.

Part of this is practical.  Truth is: there’s two of us, we don’t get a lot of guests, and though we’re sure the cats will admire our handiwork, we’re also laying bets on which will be the first to pull the tree down.

This is also our first year owning a house together, and with my parents nearby, there just wasn’t much reason to actually expend the effort to decorate.  Why spend money on lights and ornaments when you can just slack off and go to Mom’s house?

But Zoe will change that.  If not in 2013, then almost certainly in 2014.  And that means…shopping the day after Christmas.

My plan is to stock up on all the crap we don’t already have.  Ornaments.  Tree blanket.  Tree stand.  All the stuff that, right now, we would pay full price for.

Oh, and outdoor lights. Our glorious lightshow, let me tell you about it.  Are you ready? Ready to have your mind blown?  We have two pitiful strands of ultrabright LEDs wrapped around the railing of our upper balcony…

…and that’s it.  IMPRESSIVE, I KNOW.  Our neighbors, meanwhile, all have electric menageries of snowmen, reindeer, and elves. LED snowflakes sparkle from their rooftops. When I asked Mike how many lights he’ll need for next year, he glanced up and down the street, turned to me, and said: “Many.”

We do have a tiny fake plastic tree.  It’s black.  It has little star ornaments.  It is very…modern. Definitely bought on sale at a Borders. I’m guessing it probably won’t work with a two year old. Or maybe it will — she could always be a little Goth girl. I guess we’ll find out, in the coming years, just how lazy we are. Or just how into the Cure she is.

One thing we do have?  A holiday wreath.  A non-denominational holiday wreath.  Blue and silver ribbons and decorations over a fake pine backdrop. A former coworker made it, and I’m happy to say I still love it, all these years later. Basically, from Halloween until New Year, my door wreath needs are covered.  I may not have electric Santa or a giant whirring snowglobe on the lawn, but I’ve got my non-denominational holiday wreath and that’s good enough by me.

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