State of the Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

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If I don’t post these often, it’s mainly because there’s not much to say. I have heartburn. I have some swelling in my hands that’s causing finger tingling and pins-and-needles and as of last week my wedding ring no longer fits comfortably. Walking up stairs is a little challenging. Otherwise….

Otherwise there just is not a lot to report. Would you like to know about my exercises? Well, I do pelvic tilts in the evenings, Kegels when I remember to, squats throughout the day. Eating patterns? Breakfast anymore is a banana, some nut butter, and a glass of whole milk, which mysteriously enough keeps me fueled up through to lunch. Dinners are mostly in — at the end of the day it’s just easier to come home, put on really comfortable clothes, and cook a meal. The “really comfortable clothes” part is key, I find. Weight gain? Normal, for once. HOORAY. You still can’t pry the yoga pants off me, though.

Zoe herself is as active as ever, though her space is running out and I definitely have days where I feel like she’s bruising ribs.

Mike rubs my back and sometimes my ankles and is about as close to a dream partner as a girl could get. You don’t realize how much the love and support means until you get it. Then you want to cry a little because life is short and someday this will all be a memory and did I mention that sometimes I start to choke up for no reason?

And as another friend said: mad props to single moms. Having someone who comes in and lovingly cuddles with me and rubs my back reduces so much stress. Having someone who wants to go to my checkups, who tells me he loves me before I leave for work, who leans down and whispers to Zoe that he loves her — yup, sorry, choking up. BE RIGHT BACK.

But we’re in the home stretch, as I am told, and that’s good. I’m going to do my best to enjoy these last few weeks of relative quiet, our life-now as opposed to our life-with-Zoe. Trying not to rush rush because this is life and we only get these moments. But I am excited to meet her, and to show her the world.