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36 weeks, and here at last I can say I’m experiencing one of those uncomfortable and highly visible pregnancy symptoms: swollen ankles.  It started, oh, Wednesdayish, and some days it’s worse than others. Exercising seems to exacerbate it. It’s not too bad in the mornings, and I guess this is as good a reason as any to put my feet up and drink more water. Like I wasn’t doing that enough already.

Tomorrow’s checkup will be the Group B Strep (GBS) test, one of those things no one tested for back when I was born but that is now ubiquitous in any modern practice in the USA. We’ll also be revisiting my blood pressure; it was a little high last visit, but I think it was a fluke. Then again, it did coincide with my ankles deciding to turn into flotation devices. Urine samples were collected. So…we’ll find out!

And it’s also the start of my last week at work, which with all these suddenly ballooning bodyparts isn’t such a bad thing. Soon I will be bored on a couch, burning through a Netflix queue and thinking to myself, “I now understand why women want to be induced.”

Other than that, I’ve been pondering what to make for my labor playlist and giving my new-to-me grill a workout (steak and ribs). I’m intermittently packing my labor day bag — currently it’s got some pads, a scrunchie, lip balm, and massage lotion in it. Tomorrow I get the official birth center list.

Zoe’s been very active all day and yesterday — last night in particular, when we were watching a movie, she turned and squirmed and flipped the whole time. Not quite the acrobatics of last month, but still clearly busy and mobile. I wonder if she’s making lists in there?