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Okay. I finally have a craving. Ready?

Sourdough English muffins.

You’re welcome, everyone who has ever asked me if I have any crazy pregnancy cravings.

…of course, being me, I don’t want to just buy them. I want to make them. Then I look at what it takes to make actual sourdough English muffins and then I said, nope, not going down that rabbit hole, not this late in pregnancy (8 months, 31+1 weeks), not with a mother-in-law about to move in, not with a baby shower on the horizon, not with all the other crap I need to get done.



Still deciding.

Anyway, even if I had all the ingredients in my pantry right now (and I don’t), it would take four days for the sourdough starter to age and my craving doesn’t want to wait that long. Unfortunately, prepackaged gluten free English muffins are stupid expensive, and the reviews are less than glowing. And I refuse to eat awful things.

So I compromised. I bought spelt English muffins. I normally eat gluten free, and I know spelt still contains gluten, but I’m hoping that it won’t bind up my guts like wheat does. They also taste pretty good. Especially with peanut butter.

<tangent>Crazy nutritional conspiracy theory tangent: I still wonder if the reason so many pregnant ladies are constipated is because they’re being told to eat tons of healthywholegrains. I don’t, and I haven’t had problems…until recently, when I started letting myself eat wheat again. And now my guts are all plugged up. And I blame the wheat. Okay, end of tangent. And I apologize if I keep harping on this. I can’t remember if I have or haven’t. It’s just, y’know, important to me. The pooping. And all. Thanks.</tangent>

Part of this is that breakfast has turned into me staring into the fridge and feeling nauseous (again) and nothing I’ve tried (roast beef, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, bacon, almond flour scones, sunseed butter) is appealing except sourdough English muffins with peanut butter. So whatevs. If it gets me through the morning, that’s all I need.

Mike is off to Iowa as of this morning to drive his mom and grandma out here. This will be the second time he’s driven a massive rental truck from the midwest to California in the midst of a February snowstorm. It doesn’t help my nerves to know that, but at least this time he’s taking the Southern route.

And Zoe, so you know, your dad is doing a really awesome thing for you right now. He’s the best. Ask me sometime.

Edited to add: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just priced how much it would cost to make those English muffins on the KAF website. $36.80 for the raw ingredients, and that’s before shipping. That’s $50 for 6 muffins. I.e., $8 a muffin. I’m thinking…no.